Swannanoa Preschool

Swannanoa Preschool has a strong sense of community, based in the heart of Swannanoa, adjacent to the local Primary School.

The initial classroom extension was Hazeldine’s first project for centre manager – Jo Dobson, and took place 7 years ago. This extension included a Sleep Room, and new Kitchen.

Hazeldine has grown with this business and more recently added a new Managers Office and an extra 185m2 Classroom, Meeting Room, and Kitchen extension. This connects to the existing preschool via mono pitched and flat membraned roofing. Specialised suspended ceiling tiles are used throughout the center for sound absorption, making each area of the open plan footprint built for purpose.

This extension was complex, and involved a number of moving parts. The centre remained open throughout the build, and many hazards needed to be respected, even more so than a regular work site. 

The project included some exterior landscaping including concrete surfaces and decking.

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